Community days promote sports, student involvement to help children


Leah Starr, Staff Writer

Lacrosse players and coaches got together to help out at the annual Community Lacrosse Day on Apr. 13 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.. Previously, on Apr. 6, the baseball players and coaches held their annual Community Baseball Day.

Community Lacrosse Day was open to boys and girls of any age. This year, those who staffed entertained and taught around 75 children who are interested in either lacrosse or the school lacrosse program. “Lacrosse is a growing sport and everyone should get the opportunity to be exposed,” varsity lacrosse player Paige Abid said.

The school supplied everyone there with pizza, chips, Gatorade and lots of water, and the proceeds went to the school’s lacrosse programs. There were carnival-like attractions such as a dunk-tank and opportunities to meet the players through drills and mini-games. “The entire thing was so fun for the team and the younger kids who came out. I think all the kids had so much fun,” varsity lacrosse player Molly Gleicher said.

For rising freshmen, the Community Day would have been helpful for meeting the current players and coaches. It also would have been beneficial in getting a feel for the sport and the dynamic of the team. “It is helpful for the rising freshmen to learn about the sport in a fun environment, also the team was excited to meet little kids and bond with each other,” Abid said.

The baseball teams organized their community day so it would run like a mini baseball camp. It was mostly intended for younger elementary school kids who are interested in baseball, but anyone was welcome, although the turnout was mostly boys.

The entire team was there to help out and around 25 kids and their parents came. Because the camp was designed for younger kids, rising freshmen would not have benefited skill-wise but they were still able to meet the team in a fun learning environment. “I think that our community day went very well because the kids had fun and many kids looked like they improved too. The kids and the players had fun with each other,” varsity baseball player Nathan Bowman said.

Unlike the co-ed community lacrosse day, the softball program did not have a community day. Therefore, the softball players did not staff the event and did not receive proceeds.

Food was provided for everyone there, and the proceeds went to the school’s baseball program. “The team was very excited to help the community,” varsity baseball player Andrew Misovec said.