Students develop work ethic while having fun over summer


Quinn Lugenbeel, Staff Writer

As the beginning of summer approaches, students prepare for their three-month break from school. Students may choose to get a job over the summer to gain new experiences during their time off, and the application process is occuring now.

Summer jobs help students become familiar with working, get extra money for the year and learn how to manage time and money. Interviews and applications prepare students for applying for jobs after graduating from college and help them become introduced to valuable life lessons. “Summer jobs can teach the life lessons most parents want to instill in their children as they prepare for independent living,” according to

The most commons reasons students get jobs over the summer are to make extra money and spend time with friends while getting experience. Jobs also give students an added extracurricular to their transcript for college and give them something beneficial for do over their long summer break. “I got a job because I wanted to work with my brother and sister at the beach and wanted to earn money I could use during the school year,” sophomore Paige Abid said.

Lifeguarding is the most prevalent job because pools hire teenagers and it is convenient for students. Lifeguarding teaches basic health information that is helpful for the rest of their lives. “I wanted something to do this summer and thought it would be fun to work with my friends as a lifeguard. I also have always loved spending time at the pool and swimming, so this was the perfect job,” freshman Sophie Friedman said.

Students may also choose to take classes over the summer, get an internship or complete community service. “I decided to get an internship at Shady Grove Hospital this summer because I want to be a doctor and thought this opportunity would be eye-opening,” sophomore Christina Lee said.

Although every job comes with a different application process, most are composed of a written application and an interview. “The application was pretty easy. I had to take a lifeguarding class but then just had an interview for the job. I was a little nervous, but happy I got the experience,” Friedman said.

Some students are unable to get a job due to other commitments. Sports, hobbies and traveling prevent students from being able to apply for a job and commit to one. Seniors also prepare for college and juniors begin to apply and study for SAT and ACT’s, which prevent them from getting a job.