Fool or be fooled: inside April Fool’s Day pranks

Monica Godnick, News Editor

Let me tell you about the day where something just didn’t feel right, and indeed, something wasn’t right.

I remember it as if it were yesterday. I come back from school and I am doing my homework in my room, all normal … until a gut feeling of mine tells me to check my backpack. I unzip the big front pocket and I take out my little lunch bag, and there it is.

In the very bottom, I find nasty smelling tomato soup in a ziploc bag . Yes, a ziploc bag of soup. Immediately, questions run through my mind, for instance, who would put soup in a ziploc bag? Also, who would want to harm me in such way? What if that bag exploded all over my backpack?

Pranks have been around for a long time and members of the community have commemorated their most memorable pranks in honor of April Fool’s Day. “I was trying on my friend’s homecoming dress in the bathroom at school to see if I could use it. When I changed into the dress, Lauren Colliver and Emily Sherman took my other clothes and ran out of the bathroom. Watch out for those deviants,” junior Alexa Folk said.

Students agree that pranking teacher’s may be funny, but it can be like playing with fire. “It was April Fool’s Day and I brought a whoopie cushion to school and then I put it under my teachers’ seat when she left the room. Then she sat down to eat her breakfast and it sounded like she farted. Her face turned red and she was not happy. Everybody else was laughing though, so it’s all good.” Junior Gabi Giro said.

Senior pranks are also considered iconic for students. Junior Jessica Llewellyn talked about how her sibling participated in one. “She bought a lot of chalk and before school on the day the juniors got to start parking in the student lot she colored all over the spot numbers and wrote 69 and 420,” junior Jessica Llewellyn said.

Social Studies teacher Jennifer Bauer said that her friends once pranked her on her birthday when she was a teenager. “My friends TPed my bedroom before my birthday. I couldn’t walk into my room because it was full of toilet paper,” Bauer said.

Sophomore Jenna Shi said that the weirdest way she was pranked was when someone gave her Oreos filled with toothpaste. They told her that the Oreos were mint flavored and she initially believed them. “I was at sleepaway camp and one of my friends was really scared of spiders. Another one of my friends and I put a spider in his Beats case, so that when he opened it up in the afternoon, the spider would crawl out. After he chased us around for so long with a hockey stick,” Metz said.

Students said that pranks do not have to be extravagant at all to be considered one. For example, junior Camila Pacheco said that her friend junior Jonathan Lee always says that her shoes are untied when she is wearing sandals. “My neck was gotten and stays gotten,” Pacheco said.