Joe Knows: Spring break mailbag

Joe Pohoryles, Editor-In-Chief

Hey Joe,

This shortened spring break has ruined my family’s plans this year. What was once an annual week-long vacation to a beautiful tropical resort has now been dwarfed to a pitiful SIX days at the same resort. How am I supposed to make up for the lost time?

-Sunny with a chance of disappointment

Poor thing, you must be crushed. I’ve never been a fan of the shortened MCPS break, but at least I don’t have to suffer like you do. One whole day fewer of sitting beachside, sipping Piña Coladas (virgin, of course), water skiing and whatever other activities you have on your itinerary? I can’t imagine the horror.

In my best efforts to sympathize, I would suggest scrapping the trip altogether, as I certainly don’t see it being worth it. However, if you want to attempt to salvage it, fill your social media pages with pictures of the trip, so you at least give the impression that you’re enjoying yourself, even if you feel the exact opposite.


I’m a freshman, but my sister is a junior, so our family is spending spring break touring colleges. I can’t think of a worse way to spend break; these aren’t even schools I’d be interested in looking at. Heck, I don’t even KNOW what I’m interested in. How am I supposed to make this spring break worthwhile?

-Two years til this is relevant

Yeah, I feel you. Informational tours can be dull and drag on even when looking at schools for yourself, much less when you have no interest in ever eventually attending. You left school for a reason, and it’s not to look at other ones.

Unfortunately for you, these are colleges, places notorious for having absolutely nothing going on. Large or small, they’re all the same. No new restaurants to try, no parts of the country you haven’t already explored, and even in the worst circumstance, no people to talk to, because why make conversation with your own family?

It’s obviously not the place you want to be, and you may be forced to a strict schedule, but it’s a shame there’s not at least one thing you can find to make the most of the situation.


It’s been a long year, and I’m looking for a chance to unwind for a bit, but I’m staying home all break long. I’m just afraid I’ll be stuck with school work and nothing else to do for the entire time. Any ideas?

-Cabin Fever

It’s my understanding that we won’t be assigned any work over the break, so I would be utterly shocked if I walked into school on Apr. 16 and received homework of any kind. It’s not like our teachers to bend the rules when it comes to no homework weekends and the like.

As for what to do for a staycation, there doesn’t seem like much. We only have, what, three times the amount of a normal weekend? If you celebrate Easter, call it double, but either way, I doubt there’s anything you do during a normal weekend that you could make even more fun during this break. Worst part is you’re likely the only one of your friends staying home, so no one to hang out with, I guess.

You might have to sit around all day, because I can’t think of anything productive or fun you can do to spend your time, no matter how simple. Now if you excuse me, I’m gonna go write the column for next issue, watch some Netflix, and then go on a short walk to get some fresh air.