Teachers, students to join together for night of jazz

Ella Mcgrath, Staff Writer

The Jazz Band is hosting a Jazz Cafe, open to teacher participation. On Apr. 25 at 7 p.m. in the Commons.

Students in the band will be performing their pieces, but that is only half the fun. Teachers are not only invited to watch students perform, but they are encouraged to play with them. The Jazz Band is aware of all the musical talent in the school, a lot of it consisting of teachers with hidden talents of playing instruments. “We hope teachers come out to perform and join us; it is going to be a fun night,” sophomore band member Louis Perez said.

Teachers may have a gift for playing instruments, but they rarely get a chance to show it off. Jazz Cafe will be a time for teachers to come out and play with both their colleagues and students. The set list consists of the songs Free Bird, Wipe Out, Don’t Stop Believin’ and Iron Man. The host of the event, music teacher Susan Eckerle, encourages teachers to come out even if they are a little rusty. “We invited teachers to come and play with us for a fun night of music,” Eckerle said.

The band has had many live performances. They have competed at the district festival and the Lutheran house in Rockville village. The band is excited to perform in front of their teachers and show them what they have been working on. Although the band will primarily be performing Jazz songs, they are open to new ideas and options for teacher who would like to see or perform different genres.

Jazz music is a fun and upbeat music style that brings people together. Jazz originated in the African-American communities of New Orleans. Some famous Jazz players are Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis and Charlie Parker. Jazz is easy and fun to learn and incorporates instruments students may already know such as the bass, trumpet, clarinet and even electric guitars. This event is for music lovers and instrument players and will be filled with fun. “The band has seen many different types of music, but they all share a love for jazz,” Eckerle said.