Splanning: backbone of all senior class events

Camryn Yi, Staff Writer

Although holding a class officers position is nothing like holding one in the White House, the amount of responsibility is still intense.

As class officers it is their responsibility to take charge, running class events as well as school events. Senior class officers are leaders of the senior planning Committee, manifesting as a class period. Splanning is run by English teachers Sarah Debnam and Michelle Hanson as well as senior class president Keerat Singh. “It’s really fun to have a leadership role and to be able to connect with a lot of other students. Also being an officer and being on Senior Planning is a really great way to get involved in all of the major senior events and see a lot of the behind the scenes stuff like prom and graduation,” senior Emma Wool said.

Each officer position holds responsibility and dedication. Class president Keerat Singh is in charge of leading the meetings and organizing all events. “I’m one of the main people organizing all the senior events throughout the year like POTH, TNL, senior picnic, prom, graduation. I really enjoy it because I think it’s rewarding to be able to give back to the class by planning and hosting all these fun events and I also like being able to represent the class. Also when we’re planning events, it’s a different kind of stress that gives you adrenaline and gets you excited and I hadn’t really experienced this before this year,” senior Keerat Singh said.

Vice president Zach Cassidy is responsible for class activities.He plans the agenda as well as leads the meetings alongside the president. “I love being a class officer. It’s very rewarding and it’s a really great thing to immerse yourself into,” Cassidy said.

Secretary Emma Wool helps to lead and organize senior events as well as supervise the senior planning class. Wool plays an important role in the organization process of school events. Wool records and keeps track of information discussed at meetings. “I love helping to lead and organize senior events,” Wool said.

Treasurer Aneesha Sampath is responsible for all the financing done for the class. Her role involves management of fundraisers. Sampath is also in charge of how the class decides to spend their money, putting it to good use. “Being an officer has been a great privilege.

One thing that I truly enjoy about being an officer is the great friendships I have made with the other officers and other members of class planning. All those stressful days trying to make sure everything comes together served as a unique bonding experience,” Sampath said.