Wellness Day created in order to destress, relieve students in different ways

Preston Phillips, Staff Writer

Homework, extracurricular activities, and tests are some of the many things that cause stress at school, and as a result of this stress the school has created Wellness Day.

Wellness Day hopes to relieve stress and got students to have fun, relax and get all of that school work off of their mind for the day. The most recent Wellness Day occurred on Mar. 23 and was one of the biggest events of the school year with vendors, DJ music, a moon bounce and face painting and a 5k run, sponsored by the Samuel Williams Leadership Foundation. All the activities and events that were part of Wellness Day were free.

Wellness Day is supposed to be an efficient and fun way to relieve stress and the thoughts of school work, but some people think otherwise. Junior Vikram said, “I did not bother going to wellness Day because a weekend is relaxing in general and I was really busy.”

The Samuel Williams Leadership Foundation hosted the sixth annual BE T.R.U.E 5k run/walk, which happened during Wellness Day to raise funds for the BE T.R.U.E leadership award. The 5k started on the school track, and goes through the parkland in the area surrounding the track. The run was open to everyone.

The acronym T.R.U.E stands for trustworthy, responsible, uplifting, and enthusiastic, the core characteristics of Samuel Williams, a student who died in October 2013. The BE T.R.U.E leadership award promotes positive and inspiring characteristics and also promotes strong leadership. The student who will receive this award will be selected from applications from high achieving sophomores. In order to apply for this award, you have to be a sophomore, you have to have the T.R.U.E characteristics, you had to participate in some kind of community service at some point and you have to choose a leadership program from the application from.