Track team starts season strong


Sarah Levine, Staff Writer

The track and field co-ed team has started their spring season out strong, as the approximate 190 students contributed to the two meets they’ve had so far. The girls have won against Richard Montgomery and Churchill, and the boys fell short against Churchill but conquered Richard Montgomery as well.

Since the track and field coaches do not make cuts, the sport has become more appealing to students, as freshmen continue to join the team each year. With five to six practices a week, being on the team requires a lot of commitment,  as the coaches push students to work hard and do their best.

Head coach Jonathan Thomas continues to hold high expectations for the season and hopes to send girls and boys to the state meet at the end of the season, in Baltimore. Both girls’ and boys’ teams have the goal of winning their divisions, which will help them get to the state meet. “I’m hoping that both girls’ and boys’ teams are able to make it to the state meet, and even win,” Thomas said.

By this point in the season, athletes who have just started the spring season and athletes who participated in indoor track before are doing the same training to get ready for meets. With the outdoor track team being larger than the indoor team, coaches have had to spend more time getting newer athletes conditioned before the first couple of meets.

Students on track and field must set personal goals for the season in order to make their best times and improve throughout the season. “I always try to set my goal as one second quicker then my last. That way, I’m able to slowly but surely improve throughout the whole season, and maybe it can get me to the state meet,” junior Dylan Horkin said.

Upperclassmen athletes are having a competitive season with personal records and accomplishments, which will hopefully guide them to doing well in the state meet. “I definitely am going to try to achieve my personal goals and past times,” junior Mia Waller said.

The athletes on track and field use the team not only to run and spend time with friends, but to relieve stress from school.

The team has their next meet against Bethesda Chevy-Chase on Apr. 3.