The pros and cons of the senior spring break trip

Justin Fishman, Staff Writer

As the weather gets warmer students begin looking forward to spring as they put winter behind them. Students love being able to spend more time outside, short sleeve shirts to school, and most of all, students love going on spring break.

Whether students stay local or go away for Spring break, everybody enjoys time off from school. Spring break gives students an opportunity to relax and recover mentally from all of the anxiety that school causes. Those who stay local can prepare for college tests, get ahead on spring cleaning, and take day trips to nearby places. In the past, the county gave the student body and MCPS employees eight to 10 days off but this year students have under a week for spring break.

Teachers are affected by the decrease in days for spring break because they now have less time to take a vacation with their family than in the past. If teachers do plan to take a vacation during spring break it is likely that they will need to miss a day of school and get a sub.

Since the 2014-2015 school year spring break has been six days long plus two-day weekends. This year, Spring break will only be four days long plus a two-day weekend during that span. It will begin Apr. 17 this year and end on Apr. 22.

Students like senior Ben Stoller are disappointed about the decrease in days for Spring break because he likes to travel during break rather than stay home. “It is frustrating that the county subtracted days from spring break because I have to miss school to catch my flight this year. Every other year it was long enough for me to travel and enjoy my break but this year I will be stressed about what I missed at school and it will make my vacation less relaxing,”Stoller said.

Those who stay home for break are able to take advantage of the time off from school by enjoying the weather and taking advantage of local outdoor activities.. Students like junior Daniel Avnaim like to stay home during break to enjoy nature and get ahead on school work and college tests. “I spend a lot  of time outside during the Spring and take advantage of the natural gifts of this Earth. I also can catch up on my work and get ahead on work to keep up with the demands of Junior year,” Avnaim saId.