Teachers express musicality in rock band

Samir Patankar, Staff Writer

Technology teacher Bethany Petr and her band Velella Valhalla are bringing rock back. Petr along with three of her friends, started their own band in 2014. They have been turning their dreams into a reality over the past five years.

Petr is an drummer who’s been interested in music for a long time. Her favorite time in life was high school, listening to ‘90s rock music. She knew she wanted to be a teacher but also had this second interest. She said that she has enjoyed making music as a hobby but wants to be able to take it more seriously. Petr said, “In high school, I just listened to some old ‘90s music but I loved it.”

They have had more than 20 shows with their next performance on May 15 at Joe Squared in Baltimore. It starts at 8 p.m. Most of their shows are night shows. Tickets are a little over $10 for most of their shows. Their last show was on Mar.  24 at the Ottobar in Baltimore. Petr said that “performing gives a rush of adrenaline” and “it’s just plainly fun, that’s all it is.”

Petr isn’t a fan of the big stages and lights, but prefers to perform somewhere that’s comfortable and homey. Her favorite spot to perform is at Mom’s Lounge, a lounge in Baltimore. Petr describes it as a “really horrible place because it was really tiny. If anyone came in it was already crowded but it’s my favorite place because I am comfortable being there. It makes me so excited to play at places I like.”

Fans can follow Velella Valhalla on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.They also have their own website, velellavalhalla.com.