Captain Marvel powers box office

Jordan Rubin, Features Editor

A Marvel movie with a never-seen-before story. A hero so strong, she does not realize how powerful she is. The new movie Captain Marvel filled theaters and sparked enormous amounts of excitement. It is the perfect entertainment for both the diehard Marvel fan as well as newcomers to the Marvel franchise. It is the perfect combination of adventure and humor that has vast appeal.

The movie begins when Captain Marvel (Brie Larson), an extraterrestrial Kree warrior, goes on a mission to fight for her nation, which she believes is her duty as a warrior and a protector. During her mission, she is kidnapped by the Skrulls, the aliens she is fighting against in the war. However, Captain Marvel manages to escape and finds herself on earth. Where she finds herself having recurring memories of herself as a U.S Air Force pilot named Carol Danvers. As she encounters Skrulls on Earth, she meets a special agent named Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson). He teams up with Captain Marvel and helps her along her journey to stop the Skrulls and discover her real identity. The movie takes a massive twist when Captain Marvel discovers who the real enemy is and who she truly is.

According to Popsugar, Captain Marvel had the biggest opening for a female-fronted superhero film. Since it came out on Mar. 8, it earned about $153 million in its debut weekend and about $455 million globally. The only other superhero female- fronted movie that came close to this was Wonder Woman but it still did not meet the success that Captain Marvel has. It also is the seventh-biggest debut for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), which says a lot about the movie including its plot and characters.

Danvers is a likeable, yet fiercely determined character, while Fury’s character is lighthearted and fun. Together they have a unique vibe and their friendship shines throughout the film. Their friendship is fun and humorous, which is unusual in a superhero movie.  It enables an action packed and intense movie to also be lighthearted and engaging. “This was one of my favorite Marvel movies yet because of the characters, effects, and overall plot,” senior Niko Jones said.

Although not every Marvel fan will agree it is the best Marvel film made, most would agree it is one of the better ones, offering a smart and unique plot for an action film.  There are amazing effects throughout the movie that have movie goers’ eyes glued to the screen. However, it is the movie’s ending that provides the most incredible moment of the film. The audience gets to experience the moment that Danvers throws away all her doubts and realizes the extent of her power. “I have to say the movie started out kind of slow for me but when Captain Marvel realized how much power she really had, I was shook,” junior Sami Haendler said.