The Bachelor satisfies fans’ love of drama, competition despite controversial message it sends viewers

Jenna Lind, Staff Writer

The hit show The Bachelor airs episodes from their 23rd season every Monday night from 8-10 p.m. The show starts off with 30 women who are fighting for love from former NFL player Colton Underwood, who is the bachelor for the season. Each week Underwood eliminates multiple women who he feels he doesn’t have a connection with. As the number of women dwindles down to the last few, Underwood has to think about who he sees himself getting engaged to and has to hope they reciprocate his feelings.

Each week, the women who are not eliminated are able to travel all over the world, from Vietnam to Portugal and back to the United States of America. There is never a dull moment in the show, whether it is taking in the scenery from all the exotic places, falling in love, or the drama and competition between the girls.

This season, drama started right out of the gate, and only escalated from there. With so many women in one mansion there is destined to be some age differences (ranging from 22 to 31), which also caused some name calling since Underwood is only 26 years old.

The teaser from the beginning of the season continuously showed Underwood jumping over a fence and running away from the set of the show. Viewers waited all season to see why he jumped the fence and what would happen after he jumped it in the third to last episode. Underwood is pictured running down the street in Portugal chasing after a car with a woman he loved who left because she didn’t love him back. “I was on the edge of my seat, I couldn’t wait for the next Monday night to see what happened next,” sophomore Jillian Pohoryles said.

With over 9.5 million viewers each week the show is a success and continues to keep people hooked and wanting to watch more. The Bachelor is popular because society is driven by drama and competition between people. A dramatic show featuring pretty women fighting over one men’s affection is exactly what people love watching. All of the women on the show have a rough past with either love or family, which makes the viewers empathize with the competitors and makes them form an opinion of who they want to win in the end. “The drama is also so intriguing and you get so attached to the people,” sophomore Liron Gamliel said.

Although the show is all fun and games, it is dramatized, and after 23 seasons of the show only one couple has gotten married in the end. Critics say woman and men should not be in a situation to be strung along by someone they are falling for under any circumstance and should not be put in a real life situation to compete with others for someone else’s affection. “Although I think that the concept of the show can be pretty immature, I have to admit the entertainment of it keeps other watchers and I coming back for more, “ freshman Sophie Friedman said.