Pros, cons of when students have certain classes

Emily Eichberg, Editor-In-Chief

Ugh. I know the second I walk out of class I’m going to be bombarded with questions from the students in Señorita Olchyk’s eighth period class about what went on during class and if we have a lot of homework tonight.

Maybe if I wait long enough they will ask someone else from the class who walked out before me and I won’t have to deal with it. I just wish I had it eighth period so I would know the schedule before class like they get to. It’s so unfair.

Everyone knows how annoying it is when friends who take the same class as you have it later in the day and how it usually works to their advantage because they are able to find out what to expect during class from you and the other students who have it early on. “Last semester was so much better because I had Spanish after the other class, so I knew what happened during class beforehand, but now people just ask me. It’s so annoying,” junior Matt Kaddu said.

For elective classes especially, it is important to have them at the perfect time of the day. For example, the newspaper only has two periods per day: first and eighth. Art and technology classes are similar. Luckily, first and eighth happen to be the best two spots in any student’s schedule for an elective. Junior Lainey Morris said, “I got so lucky last semester because the yearbook class was first period so I got to start my day off relatively easy because we don’t have tests.”

Starting or ending the school day with an easier elective provides wiggle room for when students can schedule appointments. Being able to leave during seventh or eighth period for a dentist appointment can be a real lifesaver, especially for students who have after school jobs or sports.

For academic classes, it depends on the course to determine when in the day is the luckiest to have it. Waking up and having to write an in-class essay or taking a math test first period is not what students hope for. “I have Lang directly after lunch, which is always good because it means I will never have to take a test right before writing an in-class essay,” junior Julia Bogart said.