Debate sparked over whether students should get jobs

Dennis Child, Staff Writer

Laying around and being lazy may sound like a good time to any senior, but it is important that students work and save money for when they go off to college.

It is a good idea for students to get a job in high school as college is expensive and even if one is not paying for their own college, it is good to have some spending money for personal expenses. Whether it be for going out with friends or buying food, money in college is a must. “I have been working to save money for college and am glad I will go into college with money to spend on myself,” senior Jared Rabin, who works at Woodmont Country Club, said.

Another reason that students should start working while they are in high school is to get a head start on their resumes. Having prior work experience is a way to move up in the workplace and high school is the best time to start building this. It is also helpful to already have work experience on one’s resume when looking for jobs or internships while enrolled in college. “Although it is not my favorite thing to do, having a job in high school is great because it is giving me great experience in the workplace,” senior Jesse Lotenberg who works at Fritz Orthodontics said.

It is not good for students to be sitting around all day doing nothing. While some students have extracurriculars such as clubs or sports teams that may not leave them time to get a job, there are students who do not have after-school activities. Getting a job is a great way to spend free time as it may prevent boredom and also brings in a paycheck for that student to enjoy. “I got a job because I didn’t really have much to do in my free time and wanted to make some money,” senior Garrett Koch, who works as a lifeguard, said.

When students go off to college, they will often spend money on food and other items multiple times per week. This can cause money to go away faster than one expects and then be forced to either live without money or get a job somewhere during college. If students begin working in high school, they can save enough money to cruise through their freshman year. “I hope I save more than enough money to last my first year,” Rabin said.

In the end, it is the students’ choice if they want to get a job or not. But getting a job and having the experience for the future is the way to go. With getting a job sooner, students are more likely to be hard workers as they will have more experience and know what it takes to have a job. “I am extremely happy with my choice to work this year as I am making money and I am gaining experience,” Lotenberg said.