Highly-anticipated spring play Spamalot coming soon to auditorium near you

Camden Opfar, Staff Writer

Students and teachers are working their hardest memorizing lines, blocking scenes, arranging costumes, making props, learning and practicing music and countless other tasks to pull together the upcoming play, Monty Python’s Spamalot.

This production is based off the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail. This play offers a new twist off of the original, including dancing girls, a farting Frenchman and killer rabbits. It tells the story of King Arthur’s quest to find the Holy Grail. During his journey, he is joined by his servant Patsy and the Knights of the Round Table. Along the way, they come across people from different backgrounds and titles who eventually join in on Arthur’s adventure

This play was chosen to honor former principal Dr. Michael Doran. Doran was a huge fan of the movie, and theatre and English teacher Jessica Speck, who is also the director of the play, wanted to honor him by performing this production. Speck thought that the humor in the play matched that of Doran’s personality. “This production is tremendously fun and silly. I picked the show in honor of our former principal, Dr. Doran, who was a huge Monty Python fan and the humor of the show matched his humor precisely,” Speck said.

Speck is managing cast and crew to make sure everything comes together. “The cast has been rehearsing after school three to five days a week, learning songs, scenes and dances to get ready for the production,” Speck said.

Stage Crew is also preparing for the play by setting technical systems, arranging costumes, making props and building sets. Sophomore Philip Zhao is on Stage Crew, and enjoys being a part of the team. Zhao works on construction. He said he enjoys Stage Crew because he can be productive and contribute to the play. “I’m working on set and on props. It’s kind of fun honestly. I get to talk to other Stage Crew members and feel accomplished for my work done,” Zhao said.

Spamalot will be performed on March 29 and 30 and April 6 and 7. There will be a matinée on March 31. “This is a fantastic play, and I hope that everyone will attend,” senior Bethany Kim said.