Freshman town halls welcome all students

Luke Jordan, Staff Writer

There are complaints coming from the newest high school students that need to be addressed, and there is a place for that.

The president of the freshman class is Dylan Safai, the leader of the town hall meetings where students discuss their issues with the school, whether it be the building itself or the people inside. These meetings are held in room 183 during lunch with snacks and class sponsor, math teacher Neil Klees standing by. “The meetings give information on homework help, information on how to help teachers out in the classroom, and we use this information to better students’ experiences at Wootton,” freshman president Dylan Safai said.

The most recent freshman town hall took place on Mar. 7 and had students discuss problems such as putting mirrors in every bathroom rather than only having them in some bathrooms, the ability to deliver food to school, issues with certain teachers, and even out-of-the box ideas like having food trucks at the school during lunch. “In addition, we’re also doing specialized stuff for the freshman class and with the officers here. We’re going to talk about class events like homecoming, POTH, and how we can do stuff like that in the future,” freshman treasurer Jasmine Gong said.

No matter if you are part of the student government, the average freshman or someone from any grade, you are welcome at the freshman town halls. Everyone can discuss their complaints with this school’s environment and have the student government attempt to resolve these issues. “The town halls are not only meant for the freshman students but from any students that choose to come to our meetings,” Safai said.

If you don’t usually attend the town halls and are looking for a reason to stop by, chips, cookies, and other snacks are available if you’re hungry during lunch. “The food sounds intriguing and I think I would come when I have the chance,” freshman Logan Simmons said.