Jonas Brothers make comeback; childhood heroes reunite

Amy Weintraub, Commons Editor

One of the most iconic boy bands from the early 2000s is making a comeback. The Jonas Brothers. The three brothers, Kevin, Joe, and Nick, are getting ready to release a new album and rumors have been swarming claiming they’ve already recorded between 30 and 40 songs. For the first time in six years the brothers are back together with the release of a new single “Sucker” after previously parting ways as they approached adulthood.

The widely-known trio ended up leaving Disney’s Hollywood Records in 2012 after six years of success and popularity. At the band’s peak, they produced platinum albums, sold-out concert arenas, and toured the world. The three even starred as main characters in the movie “Camp Rock” with Demi Lovato in 2008. In addition the band also had their own Disney show along with several TV specials. Racking up worldwide sales as high as $17 million dollars and having a stable fan base made up of thousands of teenage girls, the band probably could have kept on going for years rather than taking a break.

Why did the Jonas Brothers step away from their popularity in 2013? Sadly, there probably will never be a solid answer considering their decision to go their separate ways was unanimous. “The fact that the Jonas brothers are back makes me feel like a little kid again and I’m praying for a third Camp Rock movie now,” senior Julia Clair said.

The last album produced by the group was LiVe in 2013. I don’t know if anything can top the band’s popular hits like “S.O.S”, “Lovebug” and “Burnin’ Up” but “Sucker” comes pretty close to tying it. After they release their new album, I might have to search for my Joe Jonas poster in my basement and hang it back up in my room if the album is good. “The return of the Jonas Brothers might make the 21st century a tad more tolerable, for me at least,” junior Julia Bogart said.

The trio kicked off their reunion by taking over The Late Show With James Corden for a week. From Monday through Thursday (Mar. 4 – Mar. 7) the band sang carpool karaoke, and were interviewed.

In just less than two weeks, the Jonas Brothers’ new single “Sucker” has already taken its place on the Hot 100 songs chart at No. 1, becoming just the 34th track to open at the top of the listing in its half-century-long history. In addition to being the Brothers’ first No. 1 hit, “Sucker” is their third top 10 hit. The group first reached their peak back in 2008, when their single “Burnin’ Up” rose all the way to No. 5 on the charts. According to Forbes, “Sucker” is the second song to debut at No. 1 on the Hot 100 in 2019 in addition to Ariana Grande’s song “7 Rings”.Considering we’re only three months into 2019, this is a massive accomplishment.

“Sucker” is the fourth top 10 hit for both Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas, who have also landed success with their side projects. Nick’s solo cut “Jealous” lifted to No. 7 in 2014, while Joe Jonas pushed popular song called “Cake By The Ocean” to No. 9 in 2015 with his group DNCE. “Honestly, I kind of wish that the Jonas Brothers came back with just Joe and Nick, not Kevin. I never really liked him that much,” senior Leah Meitus said.

Kevin is now 31, Joe is 29 and Nick is 26. When the group rose to fame in the early 2000s, the brothers were only teenagers. Now the brothers are onto bigger and better things as they begin adult lives with their wives and families, with of course, making music on the side.