How to deal with a teacher that doesn’t like you

Ella Mcgrath, Staff Writer

Throughout high school students cycle through many different types of teachers. There is the strict one, the cheery one, the crazy one, the harsh grader, and then there is the worst type, the one who doesn’t like you.

Most of us have dealt with this uncomfortable situation at some point. For students, it results in a bad grade or being called on when you are not raising your hand. Some of you may wonder what to do in situations like this, and I am here to help.

There are two ways to deal with a teacher not liking you. The first way is to kiss up and try to flip the situation. This depends on if you are willing to give up all pride and dignity in order to kiss up so much that you can make your teacher like you enough to give you a good grade. Here are some ways to be a teacher’s pet, in the least annoying way possible. First, start by volunteering. Yes, this does mean paying attention in class, but it will pay off when the teacher starts to see you caring more. Next step is to go in for extra help, whether you need it or not. Teachers love when students go in for extra help, it shows a whole other level of commitment. “Even teachers that don’t like me have told me how happy they are when I go in for help, ” sophomore Mariel McInnes said.

Lastly, stop talking. Although you may not like to admit it, the most common reason that teachers don’t like students is because they talk in their class. I know this may be hard to drop for the social butterflies out there but know that there will be times when you can talk, but for those few minutes when your teacher is talking, just sit, listen, and pay attention. Teachers also love eye contact and when you laugh at their cheesy jokes. Follow these steps and your teacher should love you in days, no guarantees, but good luck. “I always talk in one of my classes, but recently stopped because my teacher seemed to not like it,” sophomore Jordyn Delo said.

The other option when a teacher doesn’t like you is to simply ignore them. This can be the first step you take, or the second step if kissing up didn’t work. Although it may seem hard to do considering they are your teacher and you see them everyday, there are things to do that allow you to have few interactions with them. First off, never turn in things late. This always involves an awkward conversation trying to convince them to accept it and, chances are, they won’t if they don’t like you. Secondly, don’t do anything that will draw attention to yourself. This means no talking at inappropriate times, no getting up in the middle of class to throw something away and no random bathroom trips. Finally, find other teachers in that department to help you. Although this seems extra and weird, if you desperately need help, there are other teachers who could help you in that department. Don’t let a mean teacher get in the way of your knowledge. 

Deep down inside the teacher probably does like you and are just here to help you do your best. Stay strong, keep your head held high, and when all else fails, everyone loves brownies.