Morning routines reveal gender differences

Anna Keneally, Staff Writer

Students have different morning routines but generally have the same issue, making time for everything they have to do in the mornings like eating and getting ready for school. Time varies, but morning stress does not. Whether you take a bus, drive or walk, chances are you are rushing out the door.

Male students interviewed said they take an average of 15 minutes while females said they take 45. Between the two morning routines there are key differences such as hair maintenance and the time added for those who choose to wear makeup. Getting an adequate amount of sleep while trying to get ready is quite a bit to juggle, especially for those who are not morning people. “I always rush. I like sleep but need to get ready and it makes it really hard,” freshman Hannah Eisenfeld said.

While the routines are varied, one thing stays constant: Time is wasted in bed scrolling. On average students can spend around 10 minutes in bed before getting up. Usually students will check social media and get lost in the scrolling abyss until they look at the clock and realize the time. “I spend like 10 minutes on my phone every morning and it always puts me a little behind,” freshman Ethan Moon said.

Girls may choose to straighten their hair up to three times a week, which adds around 20 to 30 more minutes. Freshman Ellie Metz, a frequent hair straightener, does the majority at night but spends time touching it up in the morning. “It takes time at night on top of getting homework done so I go to bed later and then I want to sleep in, so it sets me behind,” Metz said.

A commonality among students is wanting to fit in. Whether it be clothing or hair, the population follows trends, fads and social norms that are taken into account every time most students get ready. Those who take an hour or more tend to be girls who spend time on hair and makeup. They claim that the extreme time it takes is a byproduct of social standards. “It takes a while, but I’m happy with the end result and feel more confident,” an anonymous junior said.

Too many students do not consistently eat breakfast because of lack of time in the mornings. Classes start at 7:45 a.m. meaning that most students arrive around 7:20 to talk with friends before first period. “I always skip breakfast. I never have the time after getting ready because I still have to get out the door,” Metz said.

What is agreed on by all genders is that there is not enough time in the morning to juggle typical tasks. Whether 15 minutes are spent getting ready or 60 minutes, it is hard to get out the door.