Shortened spring break spurs anger in MCPS

Joaquin Moreno, Staff Writer

Whether you relax at home and play video games or travel to a getaway location full of sunshine, spring break is a great time to relax from any schoolwork and any concerns regarding school. However, due to an executive order from Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, spring break may be threatened due to the shorter number of school days that counties have to work with.

In 2016, Hogan signed an executive order that mandates schools start school after Labor Day and end by June 15. If enough school days are cancelled because of snow, then school make up days will cut into spring break.

The executive order has left school districts to figure out how to fit 180 school days in a shorter period of time.

Michael Durso, former president of the Montgomery County Board of Education, opposed the executive order. Durso said to the Washington Post that it “ignores critical issues faced by schools and the potential negative instructional impact on students.”

Students also express displeasure with the short spring break. Freshman Judah Kamandinata said, “Spring break is like five seconds so you can’t do anything,” representing student anger with the shortened spring break due to snow days possibly cutting off break.

Students are unhappy with the shortened spring break. “I don’t like it at all. I think it’s an obstruction of time with our family,” Safai said.

Kannon is also mad with the shorter break. “It sucks, but I wouldn’t favor a longer school year for a longer spring break,” Kannon said.
Regardless of the possibility of a shortened spring break, students are hopeful for a nice getaway. Freshman Dylan Safai plans to visit New Orleans with his family for five days. “We are going to go see some tours, go to some historical sights and we will see the Saints’ stadium,” Safai said.

Freshman Maanav Allampallam plans to visit Orlando. “A cousin from India is visiting and we’re going to go to Disney World. We’re just going to enjoy Disney World and have fun,” Allampallam said, “We might go to the beaches but the theme park is definitely going to be the main focus.”

Freshman Logan Judelson’s plans for break include a trip to Europe “I’m going to Italy for a week and a half. I’m probably going to see the sights like Rome, the colosseum and Venice,” Judelson said.

Freshman Jay Kannon plans to visit New York for three days. “We might visit the Empire State Building and visit some restaurants. We’ve seen almost everything there but we would revisit some old sites,” Kannon said.