Wellness Committee reaches out through social media

Monica Godnick, News Editor

Remember the last time that you looked at your phone and something, whether it was a text or a post, made you smile? Small things like these can set the mood for the whole day.

The Wellness Committee has the goal of creating this effect on the community through their Facebook page named Wootton HS Wellness. “The whole thing is giving information out about wellbeing, what we are doing and what is happening at Wootton. I think it is a great way to spread out a message because we don’t always do that,” Administrator Jane Cocker said.

Through the Wootton HS Wellness Facebook page, the Wellness Committee intends to make the days of the people in the community more positive. They post daily self-care pictures along with wellness tips. These wellness tips involve small and simple ways to change up the day. They can vary from going out in nature to holding the door for someone that day. Additionally, they also share articles that regard overall wellness.

The page was created Feb. 22, and it has gained 29 followers and 27 likes. “I checked some of the page and there are pretty uplifting posts. However, like many teenagers I am not on Facebook as much. Hence, I probably won’t see these posts frequently,” junior Halle Troadec said.

For those who do not use Facebook at all, the Wellness Committee also has an Instagram account (@whswellnesscommittee) that has the same function as the Facebook page. “We hope that our efforts will guide Wootton in a direction of improved wellness by creating a supportive community on and off the line,” junior Iman Shumburo said, as a member of the committee.

The idea came up in their last meeting. “We want to spread information about what is going on with the Wellness Committee at Wootton. We also want to spread information about wellness in general, to be able to post about events in the community in general and also to use as a way to spread positivity. I think Ms. Monroy is doing a fantastic job with that,” Cocker said

School secretary Lucia Monroy is behind the posting and updates that the page displays. She explained that the daily tips and posts that she has shared are based on the calendars the Wellness Committee create for each month. “For this past month I got the self-care February calendar, which had a tip every single day. I would look online for a picture that would match the self care tip of that day. I tried to find something that was all encompassing, so it wouldn’t just target one group of people but everyone. I look at a page that Ms. Cocker told me about as well, it’s called Science of the Greater Good,” Monroy said.

Students agree that nowadays social media has grown to have a greater impact than before. “When I was in high school, and again I went to high school in England, we did not have social media, a school newspaper, any kind of newsletter and the whole idea and concept of wellness was never really mentioned,” Cocker said.