Model UN wins conference at UPenn

Anna Baldwin, Opinion Editor

Model United Nations (Model UN), attended the Ivy League Model UN (ILMUNC) conference at University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia from Jan. 31 to Feb. 3.

ILMUNC is a huge Model UN conference with students from all around the world participating in debate in different committees reigning from general United Nations assemblies, like the Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC) as well as specialized regional committees like the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and crisis committees such as the Trojan War and the Yakuza.

Delegates competed in this conference with most of the students representing the Republic of Korea, otherwise known as South Korea. Most of the other positions were in specialized crisis committees. “The conference went really well. Everybody had a great time and around half of our delegates won awards,” junior Joel Shapiro said.

While none won the highest honor of Best Delegate, many students brought home awards from the conference. In order from highest placing to lowest, Juniors Mei Yuzuki and Iman Shumburo won outstanding (second place), representing South Korea in the committee of United Nations Office for Project Services, seniors and presidents of the club Shaily Acharya and Xiwei Peng won outstanding representing Neven Mimica in the European Commission, senior Mina Senthil and junior Arnav Patra won an honorable mention representing South Korea in the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, seniors Jasmin Rafie and Delyaar Delavari won honorable mention representing South Korea in the Commission on the Status of Women, sophomores Nastaran Moghimi and Ryan Moorhead won honorable on South Korea in the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs, junior Martin Li won honorable representing Claude d’Avaux in the Peace of Westphalia Conference, and junior Joel Shapiro won a verbal commendation representing South Korea in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

For the seniors, this was their last ILMUNC. “I truly enjoyed this experience, largely due to my awesome partner, Shaily, and all of the club member that went with us. The team members made me proud and made this ILMUNC the best one yet,” senior Xiwei Peng said.