Online Exclusive: School calendar affected by snow days


Lukas Maier, Staff Writer

Snow days can provide much-needed relief for students and staff, but these days can have repercussions throughout the school’s calendar, causing lessons to fall behind and forcing school to take place when there would normally be no school.

Every year the county outlines an expected number of snow days into the schedule. This year the county only provided two snow day slots. Since there have already been more than three snow days an additional day of school has been added on June 14. Other possible school make-up dates are April 17 April 18, and June 5.

The major problem of snow days for teachers is rescheduling. Teachers are worried that with the delayed school they will run out of time for lessons to occur. This means they are forced to drop lessons, leading to fun group work being cut over lectures. Teachers have a lot of collaborative work scheduled that may be cut. “Now I feel like we’re going to run out of time for the more fun stuff that we’re going to do.” social studies teacher Fevronia Cresham said

When school is canceled students miss out on class entirely. When school is delayed students receive rushed lectures because time does not allow for complete direct instruction. Students also have less time to ask questions, which can lead to a decrease in grades and increased levels of stress leading up to assessments. “People don’t feel secure going into a quiz without instructional time or without the time to ask questions,” Cresham said.

While it is true that everyone enjoys a snow day, students have to reckon with their workload. Delaying school does not mean preventing it, so their main concern with snow days is to teachers assigning extra homework to make up for school. “I kind of like snow days, but too many of them will make it harder for students to catch up with school materials,” freshman Sasha Annabel said.

Despite potential academic issues, an unexpected long weekend is a great opportunity for students and teachers to sleep in, so they are popular. “I like snow because I get to play with my fog and play video games.” freshman Spencer Fagel said.