Online Exclusive: Wellness Day to happen again


Preston Phillips, Staff Writer

Wellness Day was created for the purpose of all staff and students to relax, relieve stress, and play games. The first Wellness Day held at the school was on Nov. 13.

The second Wellness Day of the school year will be held on Saturday, Mar. 23. The upcoming Wellness Day will be one of the biggest events of the school year and will include vendors, DJ music, a moon bounce and face painting. All the activities and events that are part of Wellness Day are free. This year’s Wellness Day will have sponsors such as Spectrum Printing and Graphics, Penfed Credit Union, Great Kids Events and Your Personal Trainer.

Most students thought that the first Wellness Day of the year was a worthwhile event to have fun and take their mind off school, including sophomore Andrew Bryant, “I enjoyed Wellness Day because I do not have to do any school work.”

Freshmen Josh Euler also enjoyed the activities and said, “ Wellness Day provided a good experience for students to take time off and have fun, with no worries about school.”

Wellness Day does not exist in the majority of schools, including most of MCPS, which saddens the students who are not able to participate in Wellness day, such as sixth grader, Sarah Phillips, who said, “I wish we had Wellness Day, so we could also have some time away from school.”

Stress and anxiety are a major factor in everyone’s lives, whether it would be presenting a 12, slide presentation or studying for several tests and  projects that have to be done in less than a week. That’s why the school provided an event such as Wellness Day: no more stress, no more work, just all fun and games, for a straight seven and a half hours.

The Samuel Williams Leadership Foundation will be hosting a BE T.R.U.E 5k run/walk, which will happen during Wellness Day to raise funds for the BE T.R.U.E leadership award. The deadline for online registration is Mar. 1. The 5k starts on the school track, and goes through the parkland in the area surrounding the track. The run will be open to everyone, so bring friends, family and pets.

The Acronym T.R.U.E stands for trustworthy, responsible, uplifting, and enthusiastic, the core characteristics of  Samuel Williams, a student who had died tragically in October 2013. The BE T.R.U.E leadership award promotes positive and inspiring characteristics and also promotes strong leadership. The student who will receive this award will be selected from applications from high achieving sophomores.

This day of all fun and no work, is supposed to relieve the stress of school, so when the next day starts, and the cycle of school starts once again, academics will flow smoothly.