Bocce team feeling confident about season


Miller Romm, Opinion Editor

The bocce team had a successful season despite a record of 2-3. Each match is two out of three, so the team ended with a game record of 7-6. The team was led by Danny Fitzgerald and Greg Rowse.

The team started off the season 2-1, but they lost their last two battles going to the third game. The Patriots took on the BCC Barons on Jan.19 to try to increase their record to 3-1. The Barons came out strong, winning the first game with ease. Wootton bounced back and won the second game, putting pressure on the Barons in a win-or-go-home game. The match ended with BCC getting the better of the Patriots in a hard fought loss. The team never gave up, and even when they were down they battled to come back and put an incredible amount of pressure on the Barons.

Coming off that disappointing loss, the Patriots looked to end on a positive note. The final game was against rival Churchill on Jan. 24. The first game went the same as the previous game, where the team just barely lost. With the help of Coach Steven McMahon the team battled back to destroy the Bulldogs in the second game. The final game of the season, and the most important match of their season, depended on this final game. Fitzgerald and Rowse did all they could in the final game, but the squad fell just short of winning. Even though this was a tough pill to swallow, McMahon said, “I am proud of the kids coming together and supporting one another.”

The season ended with smiles on all of the players, and they were proud of what they were able to accomplish. The team’s effort and ability was also noticed by the state, because they were invited to participate in the state championship. The championship invited eight teams from across the state to participate in a single elimination tournament to show who is the best. The squad was also noticed by others in this school. The varsity boys’ basketball team went to two of the games and were impressed with what they saw. “It was fun to watch the teamwork and positivity that the squad displayed. They looked good out there,” sophomore Dallas Dean said.

The Patriots are excited for their opportunity to come out and play well, as well end the season on a positive note. The state championship was on February 13. where players from all over Maryland ware looking to become the best Bocce team in the state. The squad planned to go in with confidence. The champions had to win four games to win it all.