Exotic locations offer great vacation destinations

Ella Mcgrath, Staff Writer

Have you ever needed to escape the school rush and Maryland’s cloudy weather? Well spring and summer break are coming soon, and there are places close and far to visit. Grab your bags and start packing.

A two and a half hour plane ride doesn’t seem that bad, especially when there is a beach and amusement park waiting for you. Florida is home to beautiful beaches and fun amusement parks. You can visit amusement parks such as Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, and Epcot for a little adrenaline rush. “I love the atmosphere and the people there,” freshman Justin McGraw said.

Ever heard the phrase, “build a bridge and get over it”? Well Aruba must have heard that because they are more than just pretty sunsets and fun beaches, they are home to a natural bridge. You can sightsee, get a good tan, and eat lots of food. Although it may not be close, it is a trip to make. “It is great place to visit because you can try new foods, meet tons of new people, and relax on the beach,” freshman Ella Cooper said.

Need a close get away and easy car ride? Then Deep Creek is the place for you; a lake vacation with a short and easy two-hour car ride. It is home to a beautiful lake, fun restaurants and crazy beach homes. You can go in the winter to ski or in the summer to spend time by the lake. “I go there all the time and never get bored, there is always something to do,” sophomore Danielle Berman said.

Some of us are a little sensitive to the sun and would rather ski down a mountain than burn in the sun. For those there is always the beautiful Argentina; to be more specific El Calafate, home to big and beautiful glaciers that are open to hike on, of course with a trained guide. But don’t worry if you’re not into physical activity, you can watch these glaciers from afar on balconies that go on for miles with a perfect view.

Spain is home to cultural experiences with food, dance and locals who show you what it’s like to live in Spain. Spain is home to paella, a delicious and rich seafood dish, and fried milk which is a popular dessert. Spain is a cultural experience and a great place to practice your Spanish.

Lastly, if you want a low-key and laid-back trip, relaxing clear water and welcoming Jamaican people await. Jamaica is a fun place full of white sand, clear water and piña coladas. It is a relaxing place to let your thoughts and stress escape you. Jamaica is known for their kind and welcoming people.

So there you have it, six fun places to go whenever you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, bored, or simply adventurous. Be sure to pack your sunscreen, hiking boots and camera and gather your loved ones to share the fun and relaxation with.