Seniors prep to be college freshmen


Samir Patankar, Staff Writer

While another school year slowly winds down, this class of seniors looks to the future. Most of the seniors are ready for college, already knowing what colleges they are going to while some are still undecided.

Not all colleges have given word on who got in and who didn’t. Some colleges are finishing up deciding so students have not all committed. Students must pick their colleges based on their aspirations and how suitable the college is to them.

Many seniors are also visiting colleges they got into. They do this to decide where they want to go to school because they want to see the campus. Seniors like Harrison Cance are doing this. “I visited Maryland to see what it is like and if I would fit in over there,” Cance said.

Athletes like tennis star Nick Huynh, have already committed to play at their desired school. Huynh will be playing at Mount Saint Mary, and is excited. “I cannot wait to bring my talents to Mount Saint Mary’s. I’ve learned a lot in high school and am ready for the next step in my tennis career,” Huynh said.

Most first-year students in college are required to sleep in the dorms. Therefore, many of the current seniors must start shopping. They must buy TV’s, mattresses, clothes and other necessary belongings. Seniors like Ryan Mariani have already started shopping. “I have to buy a lot to get ready for college. It is a lot of work that I just want to be done with,” Mariani said.

Seniors also have the chance to take a gap year, and go travel with their families and see the world. They do this for multiple reasons like as a way to take a break from school or a way to gain experience in the world and learn new things. A gap year can also be used for internships and jobs and can help decide what you want to do in college and when you grow up.

Many seniors like Noelly Miller are eager to go to college. They think it will be one of the most eventful and exciting times in their lives. “I can’t wait to go to college. It’s going to definitely be fun,” Miller said.

While there are excited students, there are also the nervous ones. People may feel that going into a new state, and most definitely a new environment is going to be a challenge. They don’t know anyone and their colleges may be in is a brand new place that some have never been, which could be a frightening experience.

Although all seniors have different goals, they all have one commonality: They are rapidly moving into the future.