Get ready to gobble it all: ‘Tis the season for Thanksgiving eats


Thanksgiving is often considered to be one of, if not the most under appreciated major holidays in the United States simply because of when it is, which is between Halloween and Christmas. With that being said, it offers us some of the best food of the year.
While turkey and stuffing might be the stars of the show, they often overshadow other Thanksgiving dishes that are just as good and classics in their own right.
A side dish that is popular at almost any Thanksgiving table is mashed potatoes. They might not be as dazzling as a golden brown turkey, but they do deserve praise for being a great side dish that goes with just about anything. “I love mashed potatoes. I could eat a whole bowl by myself but then my family wouldn’t have any for themselves,” junior Ben Burger said.
Another side dish that is a staple of Thanksgiving cuisine is cranberry sauce. While it may not have the same popularity as mashed potatoes, it is just as good. “I really like cranberry sauce. It’s like a better more filling version of jello which I also like,” junior Ethan Heiberger said
Those dishes aren’t the only items served. Depending on the family and their customs they might add other items to their menu. Often they are either main dishes or side dishes, “Some years we’ll have steak in addition to turkey,” Heiberger said.
Back to the stars of the meal, the turkey and the stuffing. While some people bake their turkeys others deep fry them or even grill them. After they are cooked, some families put the stuffing inside the turkey itself while other just serve it on the side. No matter how you cook the turkey or how you serve the stuffing it is almost undeniable that they often steal the show, “we always deep fry our turkey and it’s delicious every time, ” Burger said.
No Thanksgiving meal is complete without having at least one slice of pumpkin pie. While people associate pumpkins with Halloween and the month of October in general, pumpkin pie is most commonly associated with Thanksgiving. “I absolutely love pumpkin pie. It is my favorite Thanksgiving dessert,” junior Rachel Berman said.


Sam Greene

Sports Editor