More than football: big night, big game, big commercials


Jenna Lind, Staff Writer

Super Bowl Sunday is most awaited day of the year for both football and commercials. This year, the commercials had more action than the football game.

During the Super Bowl, the best commercials showcased humor, celebrities, color and action to capture the audience’s attention.

The best commercial of the Super Bowl was from Bud Light. It started off in a medieval setting and everyone was drinking a Bud Light. A man on a horse was in Bud Light armor and was handing bears out to everyone in the village. The Bud Knight was knocked off his horse by an opponent, and suddenly, it became a Game of Thrones commercial, advertising when the next season of the show comes out. “The way two completely different things were combined into one commercial was very creative and unique. It was very interesting to watch,” sophomore Jenna Robinson said.

Another big hit of the Super Bowl commercials was by Pepsi. It starred Steve Carell, Lil Jon and Cardi B. This commercial took place in a diner where the waiter asked the customer if Pepsi was ok for a drink. After this was asked, all the famous people that Pepsi is more than ok and to show this, it was compared to puppies, children laughing and shooting stars being ‘ok’. “This commercial having celebrities in it made it 10 times better than if average people were to say the lines that they did,” freshman Sophie Friedman said.

The M&M commercial was one of the best rated commercials as well. It started Christina Applegate who slams on the break and says she will eat them if they don’t stop talking. The camera turns to the back of the car and it is revealed that the “kids” are M&M chocolate bars. This commercial starred a celebrity, which made viewers want to watch and also has a relatable scene of driving parents with kids. “I thought that the commercial at first was a car commercial but then the back seat was filled with candy bars with M&M’s. It was a very well done commercial and it made the candy bars seem very good; I can’t wait to try them,” sophomore Olivia Vincent said.

The Pringles commercial was another big hit. It was about two people combining different flavors of Pringles to create completely new flavors, like spicy nacho. Then Amazon Alexa went off and said that there were 318,000 different flavors in Pringles. This ad contains comedy and perfect timing. “The commercial was funny and made me want to go out to eat Pringles since the commercial made them seem as if they are packed with flavor,” sophomore Jacob Kravitz said.