Finding a perfect gift for a perfect person


Kirby Child, Commons Editor

If you step into any grocery store or convenience store at the beginning of February, you’ll see an abundance of heart shaped chocolate boxes and pink and red sparely Hallmark cards. Valentine’s Day is celebrated annually on Feb. 14, and is a celebration of love in countries around the world.

A lot of high school couples get dressed up and go to a nice restaurant to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Sophomores Anna Daraselia and Miller Romm have been dating for a couple months and spent the holiday together. “[We went] out for dinner on Valentine’s Day,” Daraselia said. Gift guys often give their girlfriends is roses or a bouquet of flowers. Seniors Nick Baldwin and Jesse Lotenberg spent their first Valentine’s Day together. “[I surprised] Jesse with her favorite flowers, red roses,” Baldwin said.

Scrapbooks, photo albums and other DIY projects are a cute and inexpensive way to show a girlfriend or boyfriend how you feel about them in honor of Valentine’s Day. Pinterest, Buzzfeed and Cosmopolitan are good places to look for ideas. Other common gifts bought for girlfriends or boyfriends are chocolates and other candies. “[I bought] Nicky a bunch of candy and stuff for Valentine’s Day,” Lotenberg said.

Valentine’s Day can be spent not only with a boyfriend or girlfriend, but also with friends or family. Groups of girls often spend Valentine’s Day together as a symbol of friendship rather than romance. The idea of Galentine’s Day originated on the hit comedy show Parks and Recreation where a group of girlfriends left their husbands for the day and spent the day celebrating their friendship.

Single people often hate Valentine’s Day, but spending the day with friends is a great way to make it fun. “I think Galentine’s Day is a really good idea,” sophomore Anela Trakic said.

Another way to spend Valentine’s Day is to curl up on the couch and watch one of the following classic Valentine’s Day movies: Valentine’s Day (romantic comedy), A Charlie Brown Valentine (feel-good movie), I Hate Valentine’s Day (romantic comedy), My Bloody Valentine (horror).

If you’re not in the mood for a movie, some sitcoms that base episodes around Valentine’s Day are season 1, episode 15 of Modern Family, “My Funky Valentine,” season 7, episode 15 of The Office, “PDA” and season 1, episode 14 of Friends, “The One with the Candy Hearts.”