School tradition of Singing Valentines delights students


Ryan Weitz, Staff Writer

The Supertonics and Acabellas a capella groups and the Chromatics show choir class sang to students in classes throughout the day on Valentine’s Day.

The Acabellas, Supertonics and Chromatics are all groups of talented students throughout the school who rehearse and perform songs by singing and making beats with their own voices. Although the Chromatics are not technically considered an a capella group but rather show choir, they still will be participating in the event. “Each group has songs they do every year. Chromatics always sings ‘Kiss The Girl’, Acabellas sing ‘I Need Your Love’, and Supertonics sing ‘Toxic,’” junior Charlotte Bergel said.

This tradition of Singing Valentines has been going on for years now. Students could purchase this gift to anyone in the school. Students could select which group they want to sing, the song they will perform and when they perform during the day.

The opportunity to purchase these Valentines started the week of Valentine’s Day on Feb. 7. The Valentines cost $3 on Feb. 7 and Feb. 8. The prices were raised to $5 on Feb. 11 and Feb. 12. “This will be my first year doing Singing Valentines and I’m very excited to show the school the talent of everyone in a cappella. I’m looking forward to embarrassing some friends and spreading joy to the student body,” junior Osagie Aimiuwu said.

The singing groups and sponsors were present during purchasing in order to make the process easy and efficient. “Some students in the a capella groups and I will be in the Commons on Thursday, Friday, Monday and Tuesday during lunch in order to help students purchase their desired singing valentines help correctly and efficiently,” music teacher Keith Schwartz said.

There was a station set up in the Commons during lunch where students could purchase Singing Valentines for a romantic love song to be sung to their lover, to embarrass their friends in front of their whole class or just as a fun, nice thing to do for someone. Not only were these Valentines for the recipient, the whole class gets to experience and listen to them as well. “Although I do not have a lover for Valentine’s Day, I am excited to be able to purchase these Singing Valentines for my friends because it will be funny to see them get embarrassed in front of their whole class,” junior Parmida Khajoee said.