Art classes convince students to continue creating


Chloe Perel, Editor-In-Chief

The most common narrative for completing the art credit required for graduation is for students to take their respective course freshman or sophomore year to get it out of the way and ultimately ensure freedom in selecting their junior and senior year schedules.

Despite 16 different art classes offered at this school, it’s still relatively unusual to hear of students taking an art for over two years. An even rarer occurrence is for students to continue taking their art class throughout all four years of high school. Senior Lilly Greenberg and junior Nicole Sarria reflect on their decisions to take art beyond the prerequisites.

What art courses have you taken?

Lilly Greenberg: Freshman year I took Photo One, sophomore year I took Digital Photo and junior year I took AP Photo. I chose to forgo another photo class my senior year because I had already taken AP and the class is a lot of work and I didn’t want this to hinder my success in my final year of high school. My workload was just too much and I didn’t think I could continue to submit photos up to AP standard just because I had already submitted so much content over the past couple years. It had nothing to do with the teaching.

Nicole Sarria: I’ve taken ceramics for three years now, I’m in Advanced Ceramics currently and I do plan to take AP Ceramics next year.

Why did you choose to take art beyond the needed credits?

LG: I loved it. Photo is fun. It was great that we as a class were all together for three years, it made the class even more enjoyable to be with friends.

NS: I love it because it’s the only period where I can relax and work with my hands making projects that I actually enjoy.

Do you ever wish you had taken a different class instead of an art?

LG: I don’t wish I had taken another class. I really did love it.

NS: There isn’t really any class that I would prefer to take. I’ve made sure to have room for ceramics in my schedule each year.

Do you have a favorite project?

LG: Not really, they were all fun to do though.

NS: I’m not sure what my favorite project is, they are all great in their own way.

Do you think you’ve benefited from taking art throughout high school?

LG: Definitely yes. It’s given me the responsibilities to explore the world and expand my horizons.

NS: Yes, it’s given me an outlet for stress during school. Do you recommend for others to take multiple years of art?

LG: Yes, of course.

NS: I would highly recommend it.