Senior Greg Urovsky determined to excel at three sports


Jonnie Voyta, Senior News Editor

Most athletes, play multiple sports growing up, until they ultimately choose to focus on one sport when they get older. This allows athletes to dedicate all the time and effort necessary needed to play a sport at the varsity level. Senior Greg Urovsky is one of the few athletes in this school who plays not one, or two, but three sports. Urovsky plays varsity football, basketball, and baseball for this school while still maintaining excellent grades.

Urovsky decided to never settle on one sport, as he played on travel baseball and basketball teams as a kid. Urovsky has always had a great passion for the game of baseball ever since he was the catcher on his little league team. He then continued playing baseball as he got older, and as a junior Urovsky was the starting catcher of this school’s varsity baseball team. Urovsky isn’t only a catcher and a great hitter, though, he was also named as a captain of the team for his senior year. Urovsky always leads by example and encourages his teammates to make his team better. “Greg was an easy pick for captain because of the great leadership he showed on and off the field,” senior teammate Harrison Cance said.

Urovsky shares the same passion, the same leadership and hard working abilities, to basketball. Unlike baseball, where Urovsky has a great hitting ability, he lacks some of the natural abilities a basketball player has. Urovsky is short for a basketball player, at only 5’10”, but he doesn’t let this stop him from being a key player. Urovsky makes up for his height by outworking others and being more aggressive than anyone else on the court. Urovsky is also a great leader on the team, always knowing all the plays and being a encouraging voice to his teammates. “Urovsky is one of the hardest working players on my team,” basketball coach Eric Graves said.

This year Urovsky also decided to play varsity football. It was Urovsky’s first time playing football in high school, since playing as a kid. Urovsky was the starting linebacker on the varsity team. Urovsky was a key piece of the team’s defense and he had the most total tackles for any linebacker on the team.

Most people barely have time to play one sport but Urovsky decided to play three while maintaining great grades. Urovsky has earned a scholar athlete award every time he plays a sport, indicating he has maintained above a 3.15 GPA. In addition to earning stellar grades, Urovsky still has time for extracurricular activities as he is an active member of the chess club. “I really enjoy playing together with my teammates and that is the main reason I play three sports,” Urovsky said.