Kenny Jacobs shares his passion, dedication for TV internship program


Jake Klugerman, Senior Profiles Editor

Each morning, when students and teachers focus their attention on the morning announcements they may not know the man who has run the operation of the morning announcements for almost 20 years: This man’s name is Kenny Jacobs.

When Jacobs started here, the TV production classes were formatted differently. When Jacobs took over the program, he implemented changes that he felt would allow him and the students to get the most out of the program. “When I first started we had two TV production classes where there were 35 students in each. It was hard to get things done with that big a class size so when the job came to me it changed,” Jacobs said.

The current setup of the program has allowed it to reach its potential, and has solved the problems of the old format. “The TV internship program allows us to break TV production classes down into smaller groups and we can get more done than in a larger setting. The new setup is also better with the limited equipment and spacing that we have,” Jacobs said.

Another aspect of the setup of the TV internship program that Jacobs has enjoyed is the opportunity to have strong relationships with his students. “With the internship program I get to work with the kids more closely. The kids come in and work hard and we have a good time.”

Jacobs has many other jobs that members of the school rely on him to do. “I am responsible for a lot of things. Anything Promethean I will help out with. I work a lot with the I.T. Specialist. I am also responsible for the theater and any sound or lights that are being used in the auditorium,” Jacobs said.

Jacobs enjoys having the chance to work here because he believes it stands out when compared with other schools. “I have worked at three schools and this one is 20 miles from my house, and the others are much closer, but I would still keep driving to this one because I love the kids and staff here. The kids here are determined to get things accomplished, and they are always willing to help out,” Jacobs said.