Super ways to celebrate on Super Bowl Sunday

Riley Jordan, Social Media Editor

Super Bowl LIII is right around the corner, the ultimate finale to the 2018-19 NFL season. Chances are you won’t be making a flight to Atlanta to watch the game, but you’re not alone. The Super Bowl is frequently the most-watched TV broadcast of the year. If you won’t be watching the action in person on Feb. 3, here are some great locations to watch.

Just because you aren’t one of 71,000 in Mercedes-Benz Stadium doesn’t mean you can’t feel a sense of community that you do when watching a game with other fans of your team. The perfect place to find other passionate fans is at your local sports bar. Miller’s Ale House, Buffalo Wild Wings, or Hard Times Cafe are all good choices, but any popular restaurant with a lot of TVs will do the job. Of all the locations to watch the Super Bowl, BWW guarantees the best food. “Last year I was at Buffalo Wild Wings for [the Super Bowl],” sophomore Jenna Lind said. “People were yelling and it was pretty exciting. I had a good time.”

Say you’ve got a lot of passionate friends to watch the game with. Going to a Super Bowl party is another great option. Not only will there most likely be good food there, but you’ll be surrounded by people you know. The atmosphere of a good party can enhance your Super Bowl experience, especially if you’re not a big fan of either of the competing teams. The best part about Super Bowl parties is that they can make it more fun. “Any house that has a huge TV is a good place to watch it,” senior Eric Quam said. “Plus it’s fun to watch with friends.”

Perhaps the most underrated option is the most easily accessible. You’ve likely watched most of this season’s games at home, so why not the biggest game of them all? Watching the Super Bowl at home has plenty of advantages. You don’t have to look presentable, you’ve got the couch to yourself, and you can change the channel during the halftime show. And if your team starts to tank, you won’t have to deal with your friends rooting for the other team rubbing it in your face. “I watch [the Super Bowl] at home because it’s comfortable,” freshman Liam Simmons said. “I’ve been to Super Bowl parties where there are too many people and it’s hard to see what’s happening, and I can’t hear what’s going on.”