Seniors reflect on fleeting high school moments

Demi Ellenbogen, Features Editor

Class of 2019 discusses time management, senioritis, excitement

“This is the most crucial year of your life.”

“This year is what really counts.”

“Everything in your life depends on this year.”

If you are a junior, odds are you’ve heard statements resembling these since the first day of school, or even earlier. As for freshmen and sophomores, junior year is approaching faster than you think. However, seniors are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. How they survived college applications, ACT/SAT, AP courses and exams and homework is unimaginable to underclassmen. Seniors shared how they feel about senior year, reflected on the past and anticipated the future and prove that surviving “the most crucial year of your life” is in fact possible.

Q: What’s the most challenging part of 12th grade?

A: Caroline Gastwirth: Time management with college applications and school and the anticipation of awaiting decisions.

Kayla Hill: Definitely managing your time because you have to worry about finishing college applications if you do not finish before school starts.

Q: What are you most looking forward to about graduating?

A: Caroline Gastwirth: Moving on to college and meeting new people in a new place.

Kayla Hill: Hopefully being able to start over in a new state and meeting new people.

Q: What are you least looking forward to about graduating?

A: Caroline Gastwirth: Leaving my best friends that I have known since we were five years old.

Kayla Hill: Leaving my friends behind and going our separate ways. It is also going to be hard not seeing my teammates every day.

Greg Garcia: Just like everybody else, I’m going to miss all of my close friends, the ones who are always by your side no matter what happens. And I’m going to miss all of those “school friends” that you never actually hangout with outside of school, but you are friends during school. Leaving all of my friends and family will hurt when I initially go to college, but I know that I’ll make new friends at whatever school I go to.

Q: What’s your take on senioritis?

A: Kayla Hill: It’s real and it definitely hits sooner than you think. All your motivation goes down the drain because you know that you are leaving.

Greg Garcia: Senioritis is definitely a real thing and it is eating me alive. I have become a victim of senioritis since the year started and I haven’t been able to get rid of it. My mom always gets mad at me if my grades start falling and still is even after I’ve been accepted to college.

Q: Would you do anything different looking back?

A: Kayla Hill: Not stress out too much over homework and grades, it’s my last year and it’s not worth it.

Grace Henschel: Try not to stress as much; in the end you will go to the college where you’re meant to go.

Q: What’s been the most fun about being a senior?

A: Kayla Hill: The senior celebrations for sports and knowing that I won’t have to stress about homework from here next year.

Marc Laibstain: The best part of senior year is walking into old teachers’ classes. You really feel older when your teacher treats you like a sibling who just came home.