Discovery of skeletal remains leaves community shaken, with questions

Hannah Shapiro, Managing Editor

Home is a place thought of as a safe bubble, and hearing about a skeleton found just nearby can be a little nerve-wracking. On Tuesday, Dec. 4, human remains were found in the woods near Shady Grove Road and Procera drive. This area is a common residence to people in the Wootton school district and other members of our community.

The remains were found by a man walking his dog that evening. After receiving the call, Montgomery County police officers arrived on scene. Once they determined that the remains were in fact human, they were transported to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner Office in Baltimore.
Along with the arrival of the police were helicopters that alarmed the neighbors. Senior Sierra Coflin lives just near the site where the remains were found, and the helicopters got her attention that night. “I heard the helicopters and they stayed there for a while, so I knew something was up. The next day I heard people talking about it and it really freaked me out, because I drive by that street everyday and live so close,” Coflin said.

As of now the police have not identified the body. The remains are now in Baltimore, and an autopsy will determine the cause of death and the gender. Police have also asked for the public help to identify the body. They gave a description saying that the remains were found with a blue sweatshirt, a black or green San Antonio Spurs cap and blue and white sneakers, size 11. Those who have information are asked to contact the Major Crimes Division at 240-773-5070.

Hearing about any kind of death is a dark topic, but having an unidentified body found in the community leaves people shaken up. Senior Max Moinfar heard about the remains a few days after they were discovered, and couldn’t believe it. “You always hear about this kind of stuff on the news and on TV shows, but to have it happen so close to home just feels weird, and it’s a scary thought,” Moinfar said.

While this incident is a tragedy, some also find it interesting. Senior Jay Raichura is fascinated by the remains, and the fact that this happened so close to home. “I think it’s kind of crazy that in an area like this we’re finding human remains. It’s surprising and a little scary. I also find it a little eye opening because people don’t usually dismember other people and the fact that it happened this close to us is crazy. Also since they only found a skeleton it means the death was old, which is even scarier because that means the person that killed him is still out there,” Raichura said.