School ranks highest in county for Maryland State Department of Education report card

Anna Baldwin, Staff Writer

This school, a highly revered high school, scored an 82 percent on the new Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) report card. The MSDE is, “designed to measure the success of schools and identify areas for improvement,” as stated on the Montgomery County School website.

The report card was created to keep public schools in good condition for students to be succeeding. “The Maryland Report Card was developed in response to the requirements of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), a federal law that seeks to ensure public schools provide a quality education for all children,” as stated on the MCPS website.

The report card has five components for high schools. It measures academic achievement, graduation rate, English language proficiency, readiness for postsecondary success, and school quality/ student success. This school scored 23.4 points out of 30 for academic achievement. For graduation rate, the school scored 14.7 points out 15. In progress in achieving English language proficiency, this school scored 8.1 points out of 10 points. In regards to readiness for postsecondary success, the school scored 9.3 points out of 10. Lastly, for school quality and student success, this school recived 18.9 points out of 25. This school scored 74 points out of 90, making the school’s grade 82 percent. In addition, the school received five out of five stars, as well as placing in the 93 percentile rank.

The new report card has backlash. Superintendent Jack Smith was not pleased with how limited the report card was. He responded by creating an Equity Accountability Model that gives specific details and additional information about MCPS. “The Equity Accountability Model moves beyond the typical state and federal aggregate reporting to performance reporting for specific focus groups of students who have not experienced the same level of access, opportunity or success as other students,” as posted on the MCPS website.

The Equity has different components to it. They include academic achievement, graduation rate, academic progress, limited English proficiency and students with disabilities, culture, and equity, as well as a priority focus. In addition, the Equality Accountability Model has five focus groups in regards to free and reduced-price meals (FARMS) and race.

Although there was an email sent out to parents, explaining the two reports, not many students know about either report cards. “I am not really sure what either of these reports cards are, I wish teachers would show us because I feel like it’s beneficial to know how well our school is doing,” junior Amy Kraft said.