Ugly Sweater Day impresses


Miller Romm, Opinions Editor

On December 14, Ugly Sweater Day started off on a boom, with Christmas spirit around the school. Students from all grades showed up and wore their ugly sweaters to school. Students who did not want to wear holiday sweaters, came out with their own versions. “I wore my flamingo sweater because they are the only animals that can drinking boiling water and survive,” senior Jack Berman said.

The school appreciated these sweaters and took a photo in the gym. Teachers and students met at lunch and took a group photo to remember the amazing sweaters that were worn this year. “This brings warmth to the school on a cold winter day,” History teacher Alexander Parker said.
Both teachers and students were excited to enjoy the laughter and activities that followed wearing an ugly sweater. “I had fun wearing my sweater and being able to look ugly for a day,” sophomore Brett Strauss said.

It was below thirty degrees, so wearing a sweater kept students and staff warm. Friday was filled with joy and holiday cheer.
Students wore many different sweaters in different spirits. Most were in holiday outfits, but students also chose to wear the ugliest sweater they had no matter the appearance. Sophomore Amir Mousavi decided to wear a “Merry Chrismath” sweater to honor Mike Tyson. “I wanted to wear this because I love Mike Tyson and I felt this was the best way to show it,” Mousavi said.

Some students also declined to wear a sweater because they were embarrassed or just did not have time. “I woke up late, and could not find my sweater. I am so upset I didn’t get to participate this year,” junior Jack Lvovsky said.

Overall, ugly sweater day was a success and students from all different grades took part. The holidays blossomed through the hallways as the various sweaters showed in school.