Should college acceptances be public?



Being accepted to colleges is a wonderful feeling, and deserves to be celebrated, especially if it’s the school you’re most likely going to be attending. But, exposing all of your acceptances to your peers can make others feel bad or disappointed, with the chance that they didn’t get the same result.

Although people could have their feelings hurt, being public about where you get accepted can help you and your friends talk about who could go to which school. Knowing what schools your friends get into can lead to having a lot of conversations about where to go to college. “I love knowing where my friends got in because I get so excited for them and we all support each other even if we don’t get in somewhere,” senior Mary Quackenbush said.

Being public about your acceptances to different schools can also be insightful for people who are debating going to the same school as their friends. If someone knows 100 percent they don’t want to go to the same school as one of their friends, knowing where they got in will help them avoid that school. “It makes me feel safer knowing where my friends and myself get into because it helps me reassure to myself that we’re all going to do great after we graduate,” senior Gabby Heitmann said.

Someone who doesn’t agree with this will most likely make the point that it could hurt someone’s feelings or make them disappointed in themself if they happen to not get into that particular school. Sharing where you are accepted is a good way to brighten one’s senior year and help them look forward to graduation.

Another reason why having your college acceptances public is beneficial, is that students who aren’t seniors can see who got into where, and where they have a good chance of getting into once they apply to colleges.“Hearing about where all of the seniors got into helps me think about where I’m interested in going, and maybe even comparing myself to them to figure out if I’d have a chance in getting into specific schools,” junior Olivia Kerben said.

In addition to the rewards of having all of your friends and family know what different colleges you get into, it can also raise your confidence. No matter what, your family is going to be proud of you, and all your true friends will also be proud as you will be for them. Furthermore, you’ll be able to know that all of the hard work you put into school until this point has paid off, and you can accept the fact that you’re going to go to college.

-Sarah Levine
staff writer


Students at this school tend to keep their grades and test scores private but these same students generally decide to make their college admissions process open to the public. However, college admissions should be kept private due to the fact that it could make other students upset if they get denied from a college.

With every student who gets accepted to their dream school, there is another student who gets denied from that same dream school. While getting accepted to a college may be a huge achievement for one student, getting denied from a college can be a terrifying experience for another. It can lead students to have feelings of nervousness, anxiety and embarrassment. When your college admissions process is public, those terrible feelings only become amplified, making students feel worse. “I’m not going to share with my friends the different college I get accepted too, because that’s private,” senior Abby Feitel said.

College admissions are a common conversation piece for seniors whether it be discussing college with your friends, relatives or even classmates. Seniors will receive a variety of friendly questions about college admissions, which may have just been intended to be an icebreaker for a conversation. These questions can be hurtful if students are asked about a college which they didn’t get into. “I’m not going to want people asking me about a college that I didn’t get into,” senior Alec Yassin said.

If you are a senior and want to celebrate that colleges you got accepted to with your friends or family that is alright. You should keep in mind that other people may have got denied from a college you got accepted to, so be considerate. Also don’t brag by posting your acceptance letters on forms of social media such as your Snapchat stories.

The solution is to steer away from discussing colleges unless another person decides to bring it up. Based on how close you are with a person, it may be acceptable to discuss with them colleges they may have got accepted or denied from. Otherwise, it is important to only ask questions about getting accepted to a college rather than getting denied.

-Jonnie Voyta
senior news editor