Students show excitement to Put on the Hitz

Chloe Perel, Editor-In-Chief

What better way to end the year than with a show? Puttin’ on the Hitz (POTH) is expected to be one final hurrah before 2019. A talent show on Dec. 13, featuring lip-syncing and dancing, it’s going to be quite the spectacle.

Each year, POTH is generally the same concept. Individuals are given the opportunity to showcase a variety of special talents regarding dancing and lip-syncing. The freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors perform as well as SGA. At the end of the show, Senior Planning (Splanning) chooses the best individual and grade-specific acts. The class-acts are looking to redeem themselves after they were upstaged by the freshman last year.

Every year, the show is under the jurisdiction of Splanning, who plan the event as well as vote for the winners. “POTH is a great opportunity for students to showcase their talents as well for students to show their class spirit in the class acts. Splanning is working hard to ensure it’s a great show,” senior planner Margaret Christovich said.

Aside from the acts, the emcees also have a responsibility to spice up the show and keep it entertaining between acts. Splanning has selected seniors Aaron Lazar, Jay Raichura, Sage Kumar and Joe Pohoryles to be the emcees. POTH is divided into two acts, but this year the emcees will be introducing acts throughout, as opposed to having one pair presiding over one of the two acts. “We just introduce the acts and make jokes in between and try to keep the show entertaining,” Lazar said.

The final set list has not been confirmed but there will be about seven individual acts. “These acts are definitely worth your time and money. It’ll be a memorable experience to say the least,” Pohoryles said.

Though there is little public information concerning the acts, the people working on POTH are excited for the show. “The four hosts have been working with Splanning to make sure the entire production will be entertaining between the acts, and we have some funny stuff planned, so it should be a good time,” Pohoryles said.

The emcees are going to liven up the show in between acts. “Students can expect a great show with some very talented acts and some great hosts,” Lazar said. “I’m very excited to show off my talent and abilities with my co-host Jay even though we aren’t performing. The audience can expect humor like ‘what kind of bees give milk? Boo-bees.’”

Students may shy away from events like this because they don’t want to pay to see their peers dance on a school night when they have mounds of work to complete. Nonetheless, they should be inclined to come because Splanning and the emcees have been working to make it an enjoyable experience. Lazar said, “How won’t we make the show entertaining.”