Verizon customers left disconnected

Joyce Yang, Staff Writer

Verizon has had power outages in many areas around the United States, but the main areas reported are Washington, Baltimore, Arlington, Laurel, Silver Spring, Alexandria, Philadelphia, New York, Fairfax and Hyattsville.

In Montgomery County, almost all areas and families with a Verizon connection have experienced a power outage. Currently there are problems big and small reported everyday of loss of internet connections and other problems.

Verizon outage or service failures are noted on their website. The Verizon website also gives tips on how to fix the issues with the service by rebooting the router, resetting the ONT battery and checking for service outage. The most reported problems with Verizon are mobile internet, mobile phone, and landline internet. People comment below problems they are having with Verizon and the website takes data of it as a source for other Verizon users to see if others are experiencing the same problems in the same area. Students express frusturation with service. “Verizon internet cable is alright, but the internet barely covers my house and it’s difficult to connect with my phone. It’s also a struggle sometime when there are too many devices because it runs slower with more devices. My data runs better than my internet and I need to restart,” senior Justin Kuan said.

The power outage led phone calls to be disconnected, a loss of internet connection, and bad connection while using a phone. Watching shows and doing homework that had to be done online became difficult for students with Verizon. WiFi disconnections happen once in a while and at least once a month randomly. There was a recent WiFi disconnection on Sunday were the connection was lost for an hour. “I got kind of frustrated last Sunday when my WiFi didn’t work because I was trying to do my English homework. I needed internet to do it and I was scared that the internet wouldn’t come back for a while,” senior Viann Hung said.

Other students were irritated, but understanding of the situation. “Verizon has always been most reliable and always fast for everything I need it for. The outage wasn’t very bad as it didn’t last too long, but I was trying to work on some online projects so it was a bit annoying,” junior David Kolb said.