Knit happens: Untwine with relaxing club

Elena Tanelli, Staff Writer

The credits roll as the episode ends. Next episode starts in 3, 2, 1… Click! The T.V. turns off. Sighs fill the air. Its the afternoon and you’re stuck at home with nothing to do. Family members are out doing various activities, immersed in their own worlds. There’s no homework to complete, and you can only binge watch Netflix for so long..

Why not try a new hobby? Check out the knitting club. “Many students have expressed to me they would like to knit, so I started a club,” AP Psychology teacher Jen Bauer said.

Knitting can seem to be a difficult and somewhat boring activity. Countless images of pricked fingers and mismatched patterns come to mind. Regardless of the wounds it brings, knitting proves to be a fun time. “While knitting is not complicated, that does not mean that it’s not intimidating for a beginner. The actual stitches are simple to learn, but your hands still need to move in unison to manipulate yarn with two inflexible pointy sticks. It’s not a natural motion by any means. With practice, however, it becomes more and more comfortable. Once muscle memory takes over, knitting is a breeze. Knitting just takes practice and patience, just like any other skill,” Wootton alum Sharon Hartley said.

School can be quite overwhelming. The rigorous loads of assignments can be draining, not to mention spending eight hours in school everyday. Bauer’s goal is to change that idea. “We just knit and talk. It’s very chill, and relaxed,“ Bauer said.

Arts are a major part of this school. There’s an assortment of classes from Foundations of Art to Photography to Studio Art. Yet, lesser known arts such as knitting lurk in the shadows. “I wasn’t aware of any knitting club at Wootton when I attended. In fact, I knew of only one other student that was a knitter, and we would compare projects in class. I definitely would have appreciated this club,” Hartley said.

School tends to be more regulated, with due dates and assignments. Art has a bit of leeway, letting creativity emerge. “Knitting gives me the chance to express my artistic and creative side, something that does not get much use in my work as an engineer. I’ve done almost every type of knitting project out there, from sweaters to blankets to stuffed animals to hats to socks… even a cover for an Instant Pot. Designers are very creative and have created knitting patterns for almost anything you can think of!,” Hartley said.

Knitting goes beyond making beautiful creations. “For me, knitting has given me more than just nice clothes to wear. I first picked up knitting in order to help deal with the stress of school, and even now I use it to center my mind when I’m anxious,” Hartley said.