Strategies for shopping during the holidays

Justin Fishman, Senior News Editor

It is only natural for people to crave the best deals possible in order to maximize their savings. To get these exceptional deals, one must look for apparel that is out of season so that they can save the most money possible. Rather than looking for sweatshirts, sweatpants and winter jackets in the winter, you should be looking for bathing suits, T-shirts and shorts.

Finding reasonable deals in no easy task however, and it often takes plenty of time browsing websites online to find the best deal. Even if you go online just to find that the item you desire is sold out, you can go on eBay and search up the brand and style name of your item. After finding the item, you can click the link that says “save search” and select the option to receive an email when the item is in stock. This way, you can quickly order your item instead of going from store to store or website to website just to find that your item is sold out.

When new merchandise arrives at your favorite store, the older and outdated clothing is moved to the back while the new apparel is showcased. Instead of looking at the new clothing in awe and buying it, you should look for the outdated clothing which is most likely on sale. You can find out which day your favorite local stores receive new merchandise so that you can save big on clothing that was only recently removed from the “new” section.

Students like senior Caroline Gastwirth know about these techniques that help get the best deals in order to save the most money as possible. “I always go to Best Friend’s Closet when they get new arrivals so I can take advantage of the good deals in the clearance section,” Gastwirth said.
One of the most common strategies for shoppers is to search for coupons before buying apparel. Even if there doesn’t happen to be a coupon for your desired item, it doesn’t hurt to check before buying. There’s nothing worse than buying an item just to find out that you could have bought it for less if you used a coupon with your purchase.

Students like junior Evan Mclaughlin take advantage of coupons to maximize savings when shopping. “I love coupons because I can buy more stuff and pay less money,” Mclaughlin said.
Nobody wants unnecessary spam in their e-mails and signing up for the newsletter at various stores may increase your spam. However, along with the spam also comes promotion codes and secret sales that you will be made aware of in advance. If you are willing to put up with a little bit of spam, you may eventually be rewarded with offers that aren’t too good to be true.

Next time you see an item that you feel like you must have, it is essential to shop smarter and do your research instead of making impulsive purchases.