News Briefs

Charges issued to JV football players at Damascus

Four teens at Damascus have officially been indicted on rape charges, following an incident in the team locker room. On Oct. 31, before their junior varsity football practice, the four students took freshman members of the team into the locker room and allegedly assaulted them. All four of the students charged are 15 years old, and each has been been charged with one count of first-degree rape, three counts of attempted first-degree rape and one count of conspiring to commit first-degree rape. According to the Maryland County State’s Attorney’s Office the indictments added three more conspiracy charges for each suspect. This is a step beyond to the original charges, which stated that it was a single count of conspiracy. After further investigation, a fifth student has officially been charged in the assault. This student is being charges as a juvenile instead of as an adult.

George H. W. Bush dies, funeral held on Dec. 3

On Nov. 30 41st president of the United States, George H. W. Bush died. He was 94 years old, and his funeral was held on Dec. 3. This ceremony was held with the House and the Senate in attendance at the US Capital. There was a ceremony the public could attend on Dec. 5. President Donald Trump officially designated Dec. 5 as national mourning day in honor of the late president. As a result of the funeral and the different ceremonies being held there were road closures all throughout the D.C. area.

Water main break causes delays, closures in Silver Spring

In Silver Spring a water main broke and caused delays and school closures. On Georgia Ave. an entire left lane and an intersection was submerged. Videos show reddish brown water soaking tires and causing traffic. One of the schools that announced closure for Dec. 3 was Harmony Hills Elementary School in Silver Spring. Originally the school had announced that a two-hour delay would be initiated, although the water impacted bus stops that would not allow students to get to school.

-Jack Rothenberg, news editor