Students feel pressure of colleges’ early acceptances

Danny Rothenberg
managing editor

The anxiety that seniors feel during the summer trying to write the best college essays continues after their application submission. As each senior finishes their application, they feel the anxiety, but also excitement rushes through their body when they click the submit button. The only thing giving more anxiety than submitting your applications is finding out if you were accepted or not.

Starting from junior year, seniors visit schools out of state and look around at what schools they might be interested in. During the summer, they dedicate their time to writing college essays and supplements. When school starts, they start to get everything prepared like their transcripts, recommendations and scores,juggling their first quarter grades as well. Coming close to school application deadlines, seniors start to worry and rush to turn in everything on time. When the decisions come in, relief follows closely behind. “It’s exciting and relieving to know I have somewhere to go next fall. So far I’ve gotten into three out of sevens schools and one of them is top three,” senior Lexi Douglas.

Depending on the school, there are different enrollment types: early action, early decision,regular decision, priority, rolling and early decision II, each with different deadline dates. Due to that, some seniors already are accepted to schools and committed. “I got into three schools because of rolling admissions. I feel relieved because now I have options to choose from, and they’re all really good schools. I always had that really dumb fear of not getting into any schools,and that is definitely gone,” senior Prav Palavarapu said.

A student applying early action or early decision generally does that so they can find out if they were accepted earlier as well as more scholarship opportunities. These decisions will allow students to have more time spent on other things like completing scholarship applications or finding more scholarship opportunities.“Getting the decisions early not only relieves stress, but it also allows you to have more time to make a decision and focus on scholarship applications. I definitely recommend people to apply through rolling admissions if the school offers it because if it is a school they really want to get into then they will get more time to get good scholarships,” Palavarapu said.

Once a student gets accepted by a college, they feel relieved because they feel safe that they have at least one school that they can go to. They can still feel stress about other schools, especially ones that they definitely want to go to. When decision are being sent out by mail, students check their mailbox waiting for the acceptance letter they hope to get. “I felt relieved and excited because now I know that I have at least somewhere to go,” senior Ann Li said.