Wrestling looking to crush opposition

Conor Walsh, Jv Sports Editor

The Patriots are preparing for another long and tiring season. The wrestling team finished with a record of 3-13 last year playing some tough competition throughout the county.

They had six seniors graduate last year so will need to fill their spots. These graduates are Atta Mufasa, Jake Warner, Nick Guerra, Jason Peng, Eric Lee, James Lee and Spencer Tritto. Senior Henry Wooley said, “We are going to miss the seniors that graduated because they were a big part of our team, but I am excited for the upcoming season and the potential we have.”

The wrestling team is divided into weight classes. There are a total of 13 weight classes. The first weight class is 106. It then goes 113, 120, 126, 132, 138, 145, and 152. After these classes are the heavier classes or the heavyweights. These are classes 160, 170, 182, 190, 220 and 280. The team will be coached by alumni Shane Bramble who was a part of the wrestling team while he was here. His team in 2012 was the last team to beat Damascus and he is coming back to school to help try to bring the winning atmosphere back. He placed sixth in states his sophomore year so he will be able to help players throughout the team try to get to that same spot.

Junior Benham Sari, who is going into his second season, knows what the wrestling season entails. The wrestling team is known for their hard workouts that are necessary for their lengthy season. Wrestlers must go all out for six minutes or three two-minute periods. These workouts prepare them to be able to keep their strength and endurance throughout these six minutes. Sari said, “It’s a long season, but it keeps me in shape and even though there are individual classes you are wrestling for your teammates and your school.”

Junior Ben Bloch, who has wrestled on both the JV and varsity teams, is now going into his third season. He has been wrestling since middle school and his experience has helped him at the high school level. Bloch said, “Being able to earn a starting spot and never having a guaranteed spot is my favorite part about the season. Being able to work along my teammates and help each other get better is the best part about wrestling as a whole.”

The JV team plays in the same format as the varsity team. There are three two-minute periods and the same weight classes. It is common for the JV team to not have all weight classes filled due to limited players trying out. Even without every weight class filled the JV team will be competing against other schools in the county for their specific weight classes. Each player has weigh-ins prior to the matches to ensure players are in the right class.