Flower Child blooms

Erin Frost, Staff Writer

After months of construction and confusion about when it would open, the new Flower Child located on 10076 Darnestown Road had its grand opening on Nov. 7. Customers wonder: Will I be satisfied? Was it worth the wait? What type of food will they even have? Here’s the inside scoop.

Flower Child is located in Travilah Square, and is one of 15 locations in the franchise. Travilah Square has just recently gained popularity after undergoing several renovations, making this new restaurant a great addition. “I am so glad they put Flower Child in Travilah Square. It is the perfect location and is convenient for both me and my family because we live so close,” freshman Nicole Wasserman said.

Flower Child is a cute and trendy restaurant serving both lunch and dinner, open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Flower Child is well set up in regards to sizing, seating and order structure. There are seating options both inside and out, as well as colorful interior decorations. With such a lively and bright location, there is always a stream of people. Place your order at the counter and find a seat, or get take-out. “I had been waiting for Flower Child to open for months. It always looked so appealing to me when I would drive by it. Going there on opening day, I was satisfied just like I expected to be,” junior Sami Haendler said.

Flower Child is labeled as “health-friendly food”, with excellent selection. Serving for dietary restrictions such as gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, and even sugar- free, Flower Child’s goal is to sell “healthy food for a happy world”. Healthy options are available for reasonable prices, including wraps, bowls, salads, and wide varieties of their loved kombucha, which is a drink like a black tea, prized for its health benefits, can be found on the menu. “I went to Flower Child on the grand opening, and have gone back three times since. I loved their kombucha and they had so many healthy options including fresh veggies that made me feel so refreshed after eating” sophomore Danielle Berman said.

When I first went to Flower Child, it was opening day, and I ordered the avocado hummus wrap. As a vegetarian, I found several options appealing, and was satisfied with both the new restaurant as well as my order.

Customers worried about the parking situation in Travilah Square, and if the grand opening would have an impact on the difficulty of parking, but, there was little to no impact when trying to find parking, even on opening day. “My mom and I were worried when going for the first time that the parking lot would be hectic, but parking wasn’t an issue at all, finding a spot was easy,” sophomore Eleni Jones said.