Odd tastes test school

Brian Myers, Senior Features Editor

Which food sounds more enticing, a sandwich with ham, cheese and mustard, or a sandwich with salsa, peanut butter and rattlesnake meat?

The average person will say he or she prefers the sandwich that does not mix a Mexican condiment with the entrails of a reptile, but there is no need to panic if a consumer prefers the latter. There is no law that states that a human being cannot enjoy a sauce-smothered invertebrate between two slices of bread or any other outlandish food concoction for that matter.

The year is 2018, a year characterized by the growing acceptance of non-traditional lifestyles and the spread of new cultural waves. Why, then, should this diverse mindset not include a spread like cream cheese mixed into an espresso coffee to obtain a complex, unique flavor?

It takes time and experimentation, but the results of a creative mix or preparation of the items in your refrigerator can offer a great solution to a boring meal. A Reddit user named makeshift101 is one of thousands on the website who share tips on how to accomplish this appetizing task. “After cooking the Pizza Rolls, insert a Cheez-It into the little slit that opens up during the cooking process… soft and crunchy,” makeshift101 said in a 2015 Reddit post.

Aside from the preparation of the food, how a person consumes a food can also constitute a weird eating habit. Whether this entails eating a Chipotle burrito from the middle and working one’s way outward, or tackling a slice from Potomac Pizza with a fork and a knife, these strategists can rest assured that they are not the only ones who might get stares in a restaurant from time to time.

Depending on where in the world students might visit over Thanksgiving or winter break, they might come to appreciate meals popular in one region that would seem repulsive to the usual Maryland consumer. These delicacies might include New Orleans’ fried alligator, Japan’s senbei (wasp biscuits), France’s escargots (cooked snails), or Zimbabwe’s mopane worms (fried caterpillars in tomato sauce).

A reason not to feel left out by society for weird eating habits is because celebrities are known for having them as well. These oddballs are people like President Donald Trump, who reportedly drinks 12 Diet Cokes per day, as well as former Washington Nationals right fielder Bryce Harper, who has admitted to having an obsession with eating pre-game Eggo waffles. “It has to be Eggo before the game,” Harper said in a 2013 interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, “I mean, it’s really weird.”

If there is any broad advice to be sincerely offered, it is that one should not refuse to try something new or hide one’s true self just because others would have a poor response to a person’s original ideas. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich is fine for most people, but without all the wacky outliers of food combinations surrounding that common sandwich, life is a single note for the taste buds. The best food might not come from take-out, but rather from taking a chance.