Parent Trap in real life: these twins are double trouble

Sarah Levine, Staff Writer

Ever caught seeing double? Or even triple? It’s probably just twins or triplets walking through the halls. As rare as they may sound, there are quite a few sets of twins and triplets here.

Juniors Parmida and Paniz Khajoee are fraternal twins. Even though they aren’t identical, it still may be difficult for people to tell them apart. The girls have lived in many different places throughout their lives, so moving to new schools made it difficult for them, having everyone have to learn their names and know which one is which. “Reteaching people our names over the course of moving around so much was really annoying,” Parmida said.

Parmida describes her relationship with Paniz as, “good, but we don’t get along sometimes. And sometimes it’s hard being in fights then going to school together everyday considering we’ll always be around each other.”

The girls do know that having a twin shouldn’t be taken for granted, considering they’ll always have each other’s backs. “Having Parmida as my twin is not always easy because sometimes we get compared to each other, which isn’t right, but in the end I don’t know what I’d do without her,” Paniz said.

Both of the girls are on the poms team, and could be compared on their dancing skills as well as personality or physical appearance. “Being on poms with her is fun most of the time, but sometimes it gets hard knowing people would be saying one of us is better than the other,” Parmida said.

Along with Parmida and Paniz Khajoee, juniors Allie and Julia Herman are also fraternal twins. Going to the same school, “we’re able to get really close and bond over a lot of stuff in and out of school, with us being the same age,” Allie said.

Allie and Julia Herman have learned to help each other through tough times and are always there for each other. “Being her twin helps us both because knowing I have someone I can go to whenever I have a problem, or just to hangout with is awesome,” Allie said.

In addition to the Khajoee and Herman twins, sophomores Sarah and Lizzy Woodward are fraternal. They are best friends and count on each other for everything. “She simply is my best friend. She’s my shoulder to cry on and my go to for everything,” Sarah said.